"Allow astrology to tell you who you are; then I can help you with where you're going."


Chart Readings

We should always start with a natal chart reading. That gives me the opportunity to share my insights with you about your strengths, challenges, and personal destiny. There is always plenty of time for any questions you might have or a specific area of focus.  Subsequent readings follow up on what direction you want your life to take. I continue to make recommendations based on present and future energy patterns that are influencing you.

All readings can be focused on, but not limited to, identity, relationships, career, family, children, finances, or health.  I am also skilled at relocation astrology, progressions, and chart rectification; for those people who don’t know their accurate birth time.



When we’re looking for clarity in our lives we need to develop a deeper self-understanding. I offer continued counseling sessions as a way for you to gain insight into any situation you are going through. Using your chart and astrology as a backdrop to our talks helps provide a framework for your awareness.  I think a straightforward, compassionate look at our lives can provide answers and direction.


All appointments can be done in-person, by Skype, or phone.


Your chart is like a clock with ten hands; you just need to know how to tell time!