After just one reading, you will be empowered to make bold and courageous moves, takes action on long-held dreams and a live a life you've once only imagined. Curious what might be in store for you?

During one session with Dr. Craig, I received the EXACT messages I needed to hear to kick me into gear, get me started and, most importantly, to BELIEVE in my intuition. I’m honored to be one of Craig’s Astrology Mentees and a new student of Astrology, as well as one of his personal fans and success stories. I recommend Dr. Craig to others who can benefit from his insight and encouragement.
— Annie Ladino, Celebrity Fashion Stylist + Astrologer
The first time I booked a session with Dr. Craig, I got chills. He was so insightful and spot on, I instantly felt like I knew him for 20 years. Dr. Craig helped me answer long standing questions I held about my future - his insight is so thorough, precise, and remarkable. He helped me form a roadmap of myself as a business woman, which is a path I now confidently follow. If you are ready to step into your power and blaze forth on a new path, a session with Dr. Craig is an absolute must. He is my secret weapon!
— Heather Catania, Creative Director and CEO of The Social Fleur

“Dr. Craig is a gifted human being who has a unique ability to understand both what you need and what you need to let go of so you can thrive in your life.”
— Alana Fincke, Editor of Body+Soul Magazine

“Dr. Craig is a wise and insightful voice.”
— Michelle Orrego, KTLA, LA Television Producer

“Dr. Craig Martin is profoundly insightful – he knows what he is talking about. Finally, someone speaking for the highest vision of love. Allow it to transform you!”
— Stacey Wolf, Astrologer and Author

“He taught my boyfriend and I that honesty about our deepest needs is the best policy. It saved us!”
— Donna Powers, Screenwriter