Mars in Libra: Men and Equality in Relationships

Okay, so Mars has moved into Libra. That means that Mars is in front of the stars of Libra now, it has moved away from Virgo and has changed sign. And…

There are a couple of things to consider when we’re looking at a planet moving into a new sign. First of course is the energy of the sign, but we also want to look at which planet has moved into that sign. In this case, Mars.

Mars is connected with motivation, action, and initiative. It represents the energy that creates our passion for getting something done. Any time you take action, Mars is involved. This means the Mars that is in your natal chart. You see, when each of us is born, every planet is located in front of one of the zodiac signs. That includes Mars. And where your Mars is located, which sign it is in, or within, will indicate how you take action and what motivates you to take action.

It’s really a huge part of our personal chart, because it focuses on how our ego expresses itself in the world. Where you want to live, what you want to do for work, who you marry or create business partnerships with, all these things are connected to your Mars energy because you needed to feel some type of enthusiasm for them in order to make them a reality. So, Mars is the vehicle for our expression of passion; what we feel passionate about. And the sign is how we go about that.

Right now, Mars is moving into Libra, it did that a few hours ago.

And they don’t classically mix well; Mars and Libra. In traditional astrology, Libra is the detriment of Mars, which means they don’t really go well together. AT Mann in his book, The Round Art, says that Mars in Libra has the quality of being controlled by others. When Mars is in Aries, then it controls itself, that’s a good placement for Mars. But, what’s interesting in considering that Mars in Libra is not the best placement for Mars is that it somehow tones down the self-serving nature of Mars by making it concerned or in consideration of others. Controlled by others; but only to the extent that Libra is diplomatic and Libra is fair. So, controlled by having to think of others is more like it. And that might not be such a bad place for Mars these days.

When I think of Mars moving into Libra, I see a more diplomatic man as the archetype. I see men moved by justice and not only by their self-centered ways. I see balance in action, because Libra is focused on compromise, and even though that is not the natural domain of Mars, it’s is possible for Mars to engage the world with fairness and balance.

So, just replace the word Mars for men and masculine energy and you get the idea. Men moving into the realm of fairness, balance, diplomacy, and compromise. It’s not their natural state. By the definitions of the planets and signs that they rule, men are aggressive, selfish, and self-serving. They are not geared toward thinking of the other. That’s why considering the other, being “controlled” by the other is the detriment.

But now we come to a time in human development and awakened human consciousness and we see the need for Mars energy, which by the way, both men and women have, to soften. Domination, cruelty, severity, entitlement, what is that? And how did we get here?

The masculine side of our energetic nature is necessary. But what’s not necessary is for that energy to think that it’s in exclusive control of things. It’s not. There is a balance that’s needed for human progress. That balance is represented by Libra. It’s why Libra exists in the zodiac because it emulates the need for an understanding of the other. Without it, we would be so far gone to the side of selfishness that we would be completely lost. And we’re not far from that.

In many ways we are in rebellion to the notion that fairness and equality are part of our path toward progress and evolutionary development. We seem to insist on our sovereign right to self-serve. We needn’t think about others, we need to think about ourselves. And we do need to think about ourselves, until that’s all we do is think about ourselves. Then we’re not balanced and that’s when not good things happen.

Again, this is not just about men. Women have a Mars in their chart. And they can be just as susceptible to the shadow side of anger and hate as men can. But, men obviously have the market cornered on domination and control. So, a lot of what we’re talking about here is directed at men.

Mars in Libra, which lasts for the next seven weeks, is a bit of reset on selfishness. It is a forced movement toward diplomacy and recognizing the equality of all people in relationships. And it’s only forced if you have a problem aligning your willfulness with your desire to get along with other. In your personal life, this could be an opportunity to have a more balanced view of your spouse or children. When the motivation of Mars is connected to the ego awareness of Libra, great movement can me made toward understanding someone else and where they’re coming from. It’s like a veil can be lifted off.  You can see someone in a new light. You might consider what they’re going through or their point of view more clearly. Negotiating can be easier. You could gain more compliance with others by working with them, rather than trying to dominate and control them.

Mars in Libra need not be detrimental, except maybe to those people who rigidly hold onto their need for control. It actually is a time for an awakened sense of responsibility to what is fair and our ability to take action towards fair goals; where the needs of others are considered along with our own.