Spring: Hope Eternal

The return of our Sun to Aries represents, year after year, as it has for millennia, the promise of the return of warmth, growth, and abundance. Winter, even in the modern age, is tough. And now that the snow is melting and the grass is getting green we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Daylight has indeed returned.

I began my return to steaming radio on the first day of Autumn last year. That was the first show – the equinox of Autumn. And I remember talking about how these mid-points, these times of maximum transition are the best time for planting seeds. Nature does a lot of seed planting in Autumn. And we humans too, do a lot of seed planting in Spring. It is astounding really, that the energy held in these times of balance is the actual force that’s needed to bring life to the surface.

For while we are at the balance point between Winter and Summer, the pendulum is swinging fast, movement is swift in Spring, and our ability to grab onto it and harness a productive year must be targeted and exact. There is no time for dawdling at the Equinox.

Aries is akin the birth moment. That’s why Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. And for many centuries it was the first month of the year. All you need to do is look at the names of the months to know that’s true. September, October, and November for instance. Those prefixes, sept, oct, and nov stand for 7, 8, and 9. And yet, they are the 9th, 10th, and 11th month. Unless you start counting from March, which is Aries.

Aries – the power to push a new life into form; to be born – so much power.

And just like the sign – the new year, 2018, finally says, “I am here!” Because even though our year began on January 1st, the content of this year, it’s true character will not yet come into view until the Spring has begun. It’s just the nature of a year. There are a few months in the beginning where it’s still developing it purpose – or reason for being.

So, now that we’re on the precipice of Spring 2018, what’s in store for us.

Firstly, the Spring chart looks good. There is a wonderful Moon in Taurus that should benefit with some stability. The stellium, which means at least 3 planets in the same sign, in Aries is also auspicious for independence and action. The only major issue, which has been around for at least 5 years, is the conflict between individuals and existing authority figures. With Saturn and Mars in Capricorn at hard squares to much of the Aries energy we can expect more conflict for example between high schoolers looking for gun laws and lawmakers. Aries has been empowering individuals since the Arab Spring, no pun intended there, and it continues to pave the way for individual rights and the desire for straightforward answers.

Aries is strong again in the Spring of this year, and you can expect to see more clashing between authority, Capricorn, and the individual. Authority doesn’t like change very much and Aries doesn’t like oppression. So, the difficulty.

But the power right now, resides with Aries, and the individual will – so there is tremendous energy for movement. Aries is a Fire sign and Fire like creative change, so be on the lookout for the movement of power into the hands of the passionate people. Even while the entrenched try to dig their heels in deeper to keep the power in their hands and prevent the inevitable change that comes from human progress toward the light. Remember – yes we get afraid – and so we occasionally fall into darkness – but we don’t really like the dark – that’s why we harnessed fire, and then electricity – so we can keep the light on!

Solstice time which represents a turn toward the light, is only the beginning of Winter. There is long, and often hard slog to get to this point of Spring. This point where the light is abundant and the promise that there’s more to come is really in the air. It’s like if we have this much already, and it’s this nice, imagine how great it will be as we get closer to Summer. That feeling of freedom that Summer brings – that’s the promise of today – that soon we’ll be untethered, unbound, and open.

So, how can we maximize this energy? The easiest thing to do is see if you can listen to your inner voice. When it says something to you, can you listen? Like if it says to call someone, or write someone, do you ignore those impulses? Or do you heed them? Because they are not there for no reason and when you deny them, you are not really fully engaged in this emerging energy. Emerging – that’s the energy of a new flower pushing its way up through the soil. And in your human experience it the energy of the your limitless creativity wanting to express itself in the world.

Saying “no” or ignoring the impulses of your emerging consciousness at this time is like walking over and putting a rock on top of the flower that’s trying to break ground. Not only does it stop the process it’s also not nice. So stop putting rocks on your intuition an desire to express yourself in the world. It’s not doing anyone any good, especially you.

Maximize this energy of Spring by listening to the inner voice and trying to really heed what it’s telling you. And then take action. Right? It’s one thing to listen and then it’s another thing to do. So, listen and do – that’s the correct place to be on the beautiful Equinox week. Enjoy!

Craig Martin