Mercury in Sagittarius: A Higher Truth

All the planets are connected with a higher function of human personality. Mercury represents the mind, the way we think, and the thoughts we actually have. In your chart, Mercury is connected to how your mind establishes your thought process.

For example, in someone with Mercury in Virgo, there would be a very analytical thought process; everything would be well thought out, evaluated, and critiqued before any decision would be rendered. Someone with Mercury in Leo though, would be completely different. Their mind would be filtered through the lens of their own creativity and need for recognition. This is why some people are fast thinkers, like people with Mercury in Aquarius or Gemini, Air sign are associated with quickness. And some people are more deliberate, like people with Mercury in Taurus or Capricorn; Earth signs are more grounded and cautious.

Everyone’s mind, the way they learn, communicate, and express information is different because of the placement of Mercury in their charts. But Mercury in general, where it is right now in the sky, and the sign that it is in front of, governs the mind and the thinking process of the globe. Where it’s placed at any given time establishes the lens for our collective thinking. Kind of powerful when you think about it. : )

Mercury directs our thoughts.

Yesterday evening, Mercury went into Sagittarius. Mercury moves pretty quickly. At some times of the year it can move through an entire sign in three weeks! So, Mercury changing signs is not such big news. But what’s important about today is that it has moved in Sag.

Sagittarius is the sign that’s all about truth and the search for truth. Think of the whole of Sagittarius like a huge library, expoloratorium, time travel devise, and teleportation module all rolled into one. It’s pretty big. It covers all information, both known and unknown and the abstract uses for thought – the most important of which is truth and the way we as humans use truth to further our growth and evolution.

Sagittarius gains knowledge and develops its sense of truth from past experience, cross cultural study, travel, law, higher education, debate, and spirited discussions handed down through the ages around fireplaces. The most important thoughts of those higher truth explorations get put into books and left in posterity for generations to come. That way we don’t have to keep relearning higher truths we can learn from the past and move onto an ever expanding knowledge of life and the way it works.

For Sag, knowledge and truth, are the pinnacle of human experience. There is nothing greater to gain than a real understanding of why we exist and how to move through life with meaning.

Yet, one of the shadow sides of Sagittarius is that it develops a righteous attitude about what they have learned and what they believe. It’s a funny “truth” about mankind, that most people think they know the truth. So, the ego of Sag is different from the absolute search for truth in Sag. And it’s normal for there to be this kind of conflict in human personality – the shadow.

If there’s one truth about people, it’s that they search for systems of belief that can make them feel more important than others. It’s something that happens in religious beliefs –an absolute truth exists for groups of religious followers and it offers the people who believe, an experience of being on the right side of truth. It gives them the “one up” on people who are not a part of their belief system. It gives them importance. And it doesn’t end with religion. The truth of people aligning themselves with a specific belief with the intent of establishing their self-importance extends to nationalism, ethnicity, race, education, gender; why even most city dwelling people think they are better than because they live a city life. Complete silliness, but we buy into it – constantly judging ourselves and other; comparing and separating for the purpose of being better than the next person. It’s the truth, and kind of a Sagittarius truth slap.

But that’s the ego based part of Sagittarius; the way an individual person may attach their ego to what they perceive is the truth and then use that truth for separateness and power.

But what about the pure truth of Sagittarius – the truth that has been sought by philosophers for centuries – the truth that religion attempts to find – and that law attests to finding for the good of all people. Well, that truth is not easily discerned. Even in philosophical thought, the philosopher’s ego may be involved in the thinking. The search for truth is hard to separate from the searcher. And truth is often connected to a point of view. We have nine judges on the Supreme Court because the truth is that complex. No one person can own or know the complete truth. Truth for humanity, is sometimes subjective. At least until we’re all in agreement – and that can take a very long time.

Mercury in Sagittarius, for as long as it will be with us, brings our minds back to a place of truth. It may enflame the righteous; causing them to dig in on belief systems that they feel are worth the fight. It may cause us to look more deeply at the truth of our lives. One thing about Sagittarius, it rarely delivers the truth with much finesse. Emily Dickinson said “tell all the truth, but tell it in a slanted way, so the truth doesn’t overwhelm people.” Clearly, she missed the part where she said “tell all the truth.” Because whether you tell it slanted or otherwise, it’s bound to overwhelm. Dear Emily was a Sag.

The truth about real truth is that it’s universal. That’s why we glean it from cross cultural experience. All people want to lead happy, meaningful lives; true. Parents want the best for their children; true. We are all part of an energy that connects us; true. Interacting with that energy inside and outside of the physical plane is possible; true.

The message, Mercury, of Sagittarius is this: We are connected by the truth. Whether we choose to see that or not is of no concern. The truth is the truth either way.

In their song “The Cross of Changes”, the band Enigma said this:

If you understand or if you don't
If you believe or if you doubt,
There's a universal justice
And the eyes of truth
Are always watching you.

Craig Martin