Saturn in Capricorn: Actions Speak Louder than Words

2017 is wrapping up with a few planetary changes that are of some significance. Mars has already gone into Scorpio. We looked at some of those changes in recent shows but the idea that we are in a period of “letting go” still prevails. Jupiter will be in Scorpio for another year, Venus will actually go retrograde in Scorpio in the later part of 2018. There is a lot more letting go coming our way.

The Mercury retrograde that we’re having right now, ends this week. That’s a good thing for many people, as I know it’s been kind of a tough one for lots of folks. Because it’s been in Sagittarius, we’ve been reviewing lots of truth; about ourselves and each other. Things have come to light that are not making the end of this year that much fun. But hopefully we can leave them here – in this year that’s coming to a close. We look forward to Mercury going direct on Friday! And it’s fast forward movement as we enter into 2018.

Of all the changes that are happening right now in the planets and stars, perhaps the most significant change will be Saturn’s movement in Capricorn. It’s been 29 years since Saturn was in Capricorn. When we look back on 1989-1991, the time period that Saturn was last in Capricorn there is tremendous historical change.

This is the time period that represents revolution across much of Europe. Repressive regimes and institutions were evaluated and overthrown or attempted. It began with the solidarity movement in Poland. Includes the fall of the Berlin Wall. And the eventual dissolving of the USSR in 1991. It’s time of great global civil resistance. Tiananmen Square protests in China also happened during this time period in 1989, but the freedom movement there was thwarted.

Looking back we can gain so much insight into how powerful this time period was and the impact that Saturn changing signs can have on global history and events.

Robert Hand, in his book “Horoscope Symbols” says that “Saturn is the energy that maintains reality as we understand it. It makes the rules, sets the limits, creates structure, and defines the limits of the game.” But at the same time Saturn is the teacher and the wise old man. So, Saturn is paternalistic in every sense. The disciplinarian father and the benevolent and wise father; here to set limits but also here to guide us. And…as we talked about last week – when we align ourselves with the discipline that Saturn asks of us that’s when we find true freedom in ourselves and apparently in the outer global world as well.

Saturn’s last movement through Capricorn made oppressive regimes and structures, like the wall, unbearable and they were overthrown. It’s the paradox of Saturn. It creates difficult and oppressive situations because we would never create movement or change without them.

Let me give you two examples of how this works. If someone is a cigarette smoker or let’s say someone is overweight by 40 lbs. In both situations, the cigarette smoker might start to get a cough, the overweight person might see they are out of breath going up a flight of stairs. In both situations, the cough, and being out of breath are Saturn. They are the limitations that we encounter. Remember –Saturn makes the rules – if you’re overweight – you’ll be out of breath going up stairs. If you smoke – you get a cough. It’s the restriction that potentially causes us to change. If we didn’t experience the Saturnian push back to our unchecked behavior than we’d probably all just suddenly die or go broke or fall into the hands of dictators. But we do push back against our behaviors that lead us into restrictive and oppressive situations – and this is the miracle of Saturn in Capricorn. This is the Saturn that causes real physical changes and shifts. This is the Saturn that just won’t take it anymore. So, while it’s been in Sagittarius for the last couple of years and we’ve been thinking and philosophizing about what changes might look good in our lives – now is the time we’re going to take them!


So, whether you’re in an oppressive job, marriage, home, family obligation, health situation or anything for that matter – this change of Saturn is going to bring action. Because Capricorn is an Earth sign and so the changes are going to be tangible, but also because Capricorn is connected to reputation and social status and we are all going to overhaul our social position and social statement.

Saturn has a tendency to focus us on what no longer serves us. It brings about change through maturity and responsibility. If there are situations in our life that no longer serve us then those things will undergo the most profound shifts. They can be inner and outer things. Many people have beliefs about themselves that they are not really aware of. They create limitations, those beliefs. It’s the same process as the external world. The limit reveals the area that no longer serves us. And in Capricorn it’s time to take action and do something about it. That’s why the wall come down last time. That’s why there was so much movement for freedom and unification. Because those are the things that people truly want. Not separation or oppression. We find ourselves in those situations only because we haven’t honestly looked at how we got there and let go of the behaviors that no longer serve us. Once we do that – then we find freedom through Saturn.

So, what’s your wall that needs to be torn down? What oppressive structures do you need to get rid of? Are there things in your life that truly no longer serve you? Because Saturn in Capricorn is coming to town and he’s about to make things very, very real! Oh, you thought they were getting pretty real already – well, just like in 1988, you haven’t seen anything yet!


Craig Martin