Preparing for Capricorn: False Attachment or Freedom; You Decide

We are having one alignment energy after another. First, so many planets were aligned in Scorpio. We still have Jupiter in Scorpio. And just over this past weekend, Mars went into Scorpio. This energy certainly has flushed out a bunch of stuff that we all have trouble looking at, hasn’t it. Things that customarily lie in the shadows, like the way some men treat women - has really surfaced in the public consciousness. That’s Scorpio energy. It’s kind of dark, very intimate, and not easy to deal with. And now that Mars is in Scorpio you might expect some additional high profile reveals.

Todays, talk is about Capricorn though, and it kind of connects with the Scorpio energy, because in this area of Capricorn - it’s Capricorn that will deny any allegation, and make an attempt to preserve reputation and social status at any cost. Capricorn works inside of established structure, meaning that it doesn’t like to change. And Scorpio creates change just looking at it!

So, the combination here, Scorpio and Capricorn, has been a firm and reticent power structure, that’s Capricorn, working to prevent the change that Scorpio is attempting, by bringing the darkness to the light. Now, you’d ask, why? Why don’t we prefer truth to familiarity? If what is familiar is false, how can we stick with it, in the face of truth? It’s a huge question. And the answer is simple – people are afraid of change, in fact, most people have a really hard time with it. They’d rather stick with what they’ve always known because any change to their beliefs or the structure they hold dear is a very serious threat to their identity, and so, for some, very little movement in the way of enlightened consciousness can be expected.

The title of today’s show is – Capricorn; False Attachment or Freedom – and this is an example of the false attachment imposed by Capricorn. Don’t look behind that curtain! Don’t question too much? And certainly, don’t believe anything that challenges your already established belief systems; especially the social, religious, political, or ethnic indoctrination that you’ve been conditioned with – even if it’s true. So, many of us live like this. Afraid of stepping outside our familiar, comfort zone, even in the face of its falsehood.

The shadow side of Capricorn says, “I am the authority here; you just need to listen to me; don’t question anything; I’ve got it all covered for you.” In some situations that’s a really great energy to have on your side. If you needed professional advice or help, like from a doctor, lawyer or other person whose expertise and authority would benefit you. Then that facet of Capricorn would be great!

The trouble with too much Capricorn, is that it leads to an insatiable drive for power. The ethical doctor or lawyer who gives you good counsel, are not the only people who are in positions of power. Some teachers, religious figures, politicians, heads of business all end up in power places where they have a lot of authority over others. It’s not good when any of those people tell you not to question their authority. And it’s never good to be lead like a sheep. As people we have a right to question and evaluate the authenticity and intention of all people in positions of power.

Capricorn is connected to all of this. And yes, there’s a light side to it and I’m going to get to it. But we are living through a time of great authority and control. The will of the people, even in free societies is oppressed without them really even knowing it. And in some ways, it’s going to get a bit worse before it gets better. So, don’t be afraid to question – it’s one of our innate powers – and no one should seek to take it away from us.

As far as planetary pile ups go, we are about to have one! The Moon, Saturn, Sun, and Venus are all moving into Capricorn in the next two weeks. And by mid-January, Mercury will be there too. In fact, for a couple days in January, six of the ten, astrological planets will be in Capricorn and that includes Pluto. That’s a tremendous amount of energy in one sign and that’s why we should take a minute to prepare for it.

If you’re a cardinal sign, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra, this could be a very challenging time period for you. You’ll have to work extra hard to not succumb to the limitation side of Capricorn, to not feel that in some way, the authoritative forces of your world, are being completely oppressive. But even if you’re not one of those signs, we are all still under the same energy and the way to transmute it from constriction and falsehood to freedom is the trick.

The truth will set you free, they say. And even though it usually hurts like hell, it is freeing. So how can all this Capricorn energy free us through constriction? The answer is discipline – self-imposed discipline. It’s hard. It’s so hard – it’s even hard to say – and in the undisciplined world we live in it can be impossible to even imagine.

But you only have to concern yourself with it. Nobody else, just you.

Discipline which could be as simple as a disciplined workout routine or dietary change or as deep as coming to terms with the state of your marriage. But discipline nonetheless.

Capricorn’s ethics lie in the realm of dedication and responsibility and this is the positive energy that we can all harness through this time. I was reading one of those positive memes on IG the other day and it said something like – “There’s a reason that it’s on your mind all the time.” And I had to smile. I just love those little one liners of positive give me a kick in the head – you’ve got to love the internet. “There’s a reason why it’s on your mind all the time.” Because you want to do it. Somewhere deep inside you, you want to do it. You want to work out more, eat better, be more playful, be honest about your life situations, call your elected representatives and tell them what you’re thinking about how they’re behaving – you want to do all of those things – that’s why they’re on your mind all the time.

And when we don’t do what’s on our minds all the time – it creates limitation – it creates a false attachment to what is – a present time structure that no longer serves you.

But when we focus and discipline ourselves with some level of responsibility and dedication – then we are free. You know it – because you know how it is when your pants fit better – and this applies to everything!!!

Imagine how it feels when your life fits better.

And all you have to do is align with the truth, surrender to the discipline it takes to make it happen and enjoy the rewards. No really that’s all it takes. And it’s so hard. We’re so set in our ways. And our beliefs. And our habits. And look at the state we’re in. And I’m here with you. I know how hard it is. But we can do it. Take one disciplined step toward something that’s been on your mind all the time, that you’ve been ignoring, and watch the magic that will happen this Capricorn season.

Craig Martin