Planetary Alignments: Astrological Influence on our Lives

One of the things that’s always interested me about astrology is the science and math part of astrology. I think the math it’s probably the harder part, which is why we get so many posts that look like what hoodie goes best with your sign, or what wristwatch goes best with you sign, or what kind of nasty person you are. I mean, who care, and besides it’s completely useless too. I’m all for entertainment, but the way in which astrology has gotten boiled down to such a low common denominator is just a waste. I think that was a math pun there.

Astrology has the descriptive part, where all the signs have a list of keywords and an interpretation that goes back for thousands of years, but there is also a deep mathematical part that’s necessary in order to calculate a chart and show the relationships between the planets. That part, the math part, involves a very basic understanding of geometry. That part of astrology is a bit harder than the keywords part, but it is the true whole foundation of how the planets are relating to one another.

Let’s talk about the energy of today – the right now – December 4th – for those of you who listen later in the week – it’s okay – this is going to be an example – the energy of the chart is constantly in motion and at any point listening to this – you can find out the transits just by looking them up!

So, a transit is defined as a planet’s position and direction of movement and the aspect that it’s making to another planet. The Sun is in Sagittarius right now, we know that, people being born right now are Saggies. Happy Birthday to all our Sagittarians out there! The Sun and the Moon had a transit yesterday, we called it the Full Moon, but in astrology it’s called Sun in opposition to the Moon, because the Sun and Moon were opposite to each other relative to the Earth. We were in between the Sun and Moon and so, a full moon happens. Every time we have a full moon the transit and the aspect is Sun in opposition to the Moon, every month. An opposition is just one of the five main aspects. Each of them has a specific meaning and each explains a certain type of energy that we are all being subjected to. For the opposition, it means energy moving along one axis. Because the two planets are opposite one another they create a straight line between them, with the Earth in the middle, this is an axis. For yesterday’s full moon the axis was in Sag and Gemini, the axis of learning and higher truth. It’s a great time to connect with information and the way we can incorporate it into our day to day lives.

There are transits that are happening today. Neptune is trine Jupiter! This is quite good energy – it gives us the ability to go more deeply into situations that might otherwise be frightening for us. The trine aspect is very positive, so it produces positive energies. Neptune is also square the Sun. This is more difficult since the square aspect means that Neptune and Sun are at right angles to each other, 90 degrees, and creating more stress. The interpretation is that we might feel out of sorts today, a little confused, or that someone might even see that confusion and take advantage of us. It’s a short lived transit, so gratefully we can say goodbye to that one by this evening.

Another transit that is quite powerful and going on right now, is that Mercury, which went retrograde yesterday is moving back towards Saturn. They are already very close to each other in the sky. This means that Saturn is conjunct Mercury, in fact they are headed towards each other like a head on collision. Conjunction is the aspect that means that two energies are combining. It’s a very powerful aspect because it’s like a plus sign, the two planets are adding their energy to each other. In the case of Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius, the effect is like being able to focus your mind on the higher truths of life – today we can feel strongly connected to philosophy, or spirituality. We would be able to read or learn something in the realm of higher truth, something that speaks to us and gives us insight into beliefs and abstract thinking.

Lastly, there’s a fast moving transit of Mars trine the Moon. Because the Moon moves so quickly, it goes through a whole zodiac sign in 2 ½ days, transits involving the Moon are usually pretty fast. The energy does still happen though and this energy is quite good because both planets are in Air signs. Together, they provide the ability to actively have a conversation with someone, and to have the conversation go well.

All these transits, the transits of today, combine to create a collective of energy that merges into one harmony. Taken all together, I might say that we could have a conversation today, perhaps with a boss, coworker, or even a spouse. The conversation would be open and easy, but would perhaps have a slight difference of opinion or point of view. We might even be surprised by that difference. In the end though, whatever the conversation has been about will resolve in a positive way. The openness and favored communication environment leads to understanding between you and the other person.

Like I said in the beginning, this is the interesting part of astrology that drew me in so deeply that I dedicated a big part of my life to studying it, as an art, philosophy, and science.

The planets are in constant movement and it’s my belief that they are like the hands of a clock. They tell the time more than anything else. They don’t cause the events to happen but they mark the time when they will happen. It’s kind of cosmic because we have to believe that the clock knows when things will happen. I got on board with that idea a long time ago. It’s like planning. It’s like believing that in some way you planned this life. Look, if we were going to take a test, and let’s say that test, was next Monday at 9am. Okay, when the clock and the calendar said that it was next Monday at 9am, that’s when the test would happen. But the clock did not plan the test. It just marked the time.

I think our lives are a bit like that with some fluidity mixed in. We had the free will to plan a specific lifetime based on the birth information we choose. It presumes that we all pick our birth moment, which I completely agree with.

Once that becomes a given then in fact you’ve planned your life, because all the energies moving forward on the clock are in place. How we respond to those energies, well, that’s still in our hands, but the fact is that the clock keeps ticking and you will keep encountering those energies, you agreed to experience at the beginning. We all did. It was the contract we agreed to for the life. And now you have this great gift – astrology – which can help you move through it all with a guide – so you don’t have to navigate it blindly.

We have in astrology the ability to see our individual energy, the energy that existed at our birth time, and then the energy that’s effecting us personally. But on top of that we can see the collective energy, the energy that’s affecting us all. We live inside a crystal ball – and it’s so fun to see when you connect with it.

Craig Martin