Pisces: The Dream Journey

I wanted to expand a little bit on last week, when we looked at Neptune going direct. I talked about the effects of Neptune in our lives and also about Neptune’s direct motion but I felt there was more to say about Pisces. Neptune is after all in Pisces. It has been in Pisces since 2011 and it will be there until 2025. Quite a long run. Neptune customarily spends about 14 years in a sign and we are half way through its transit of Pisces, which by the way it rules. Neptune rules Pisces.

Planets rule. Don’t forget that – they rule signs. Signs can’t rule, they are just energy. But planets, they’re Gods, and named for Gods, so rightfully they rule. Each planet has a sign that it rules. It means that the particular planet goes well with that sign but it’s more than that. From the point of view of our solar system, the planets are close, the stars are very very far. The planets govern and embody the action and energy of the sign they rule.  They are inter-solar system agents of the energies of the signs, each with a specific function, and each with a specific effect on humanity.

They rule the signs but the signs are the origin of the energy. So, Neptune functions to distribute or enact Pisces energy on us collectively and individually because it’s the emissary, charged with the rule of Pisces. Neptune going direct in Pisces and actually moving past the halfway point this upcoming year was cause for us to take a look at Neptune’s action, but Pisces is the energy that Neptune is bringing. And it brings it in abundance, since it’s the ruler, meaning it just loves Pisces to pieces. Try and say that ten times real fast.

Pisces is represented in the zodiac by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This symbolism is most like the yin-yang of Taoism. Many people associate the two fish swimming in opposite directions to mean that Pisces can’t make up its mind. That is not really the most accurate way to understand this energy, although Pisces can be flaky. The yin-yang is a balance symbol representing the duality of the living universe and the force that binds it all together. It is God/Goddess; light and dark. Pisces is the sign that holds space for all duality to occur simultaneously inside of them. This is the origin of Pisces’ great sensitivity; the fact that they know the other side.

Many Pisces people seem confused. Confusion falls under the power of Neptune and Pisces as an energy is confused, but it’s more like being immersed in a fluid landscape. Remember, the physical world is but one reality, and it’s a very confusing reality if you have one foot in another realm. Being a Pisces means feeling everything; everyone, all the time. I’m sure it can be quite exhausting, while at the same time exhilarating because Pisces is the sign that understands the illusion of the physical world better than all the other signs combined. They have the most understanding of human pain, the most acceptance of life and death. And while they often fight the fact that they exist on both plains at the same time, through escapism and addiction, they have the greatest gift to know and share the other plains of reality with us.

Pisces as an energy, understands our suffering. Many Pisces people have problems with that as I just said, they get involved in all kinds of escapism, addiction, and isolation. That’s because feeling and seeing the universe from both sides is rough. Pisces sees the pain, and also sees the illusion of that pain.

When viewed from the other side, the spiritual side, all that is, is perfect and correct. But try to tell that to someone who is grieving or scared. Pisces sees the fear and the truth behind it. It’s really quite a feat. And it complicates the lives of those born with Pisces energy in their charts.

There are ways in which we all access Pisces energy in our lives.

For one, we love movies and TV; both are tremendous gifts from Pisces and Neptune. Movies and TV take us to places that we could not go on our own. They connect us with realities that are beyond our own reality, except that while we are viewing, we believe that we are there. We experience the worlds that movies and TV bring us too. It’s a Pisces experience to be deeply connected to something as if it’s happening to you, but have it not really be happening to you.

Pisces energy is also found in drug use, and the Pisces connection to that is obvious. Escapism – finding ways of turning reality into a more acceptable kind of dream world.

But one of the ways in which we connect with Pisces each day is through sleep and dreaming. For Pisces, waking life is like dreaming. It seems so real, even though we know it’s not.

Our dreams though are reflections of our inner desires and fears. We connect in dreamtime with what our unconscious is processing below the level of our knowing. That’s Piscean because Pisces is the collective unconscious.

So, we’re all connected to Pisces, even if we’re not a Pisces. The energy of Pisces is available to us all – and we individually experience it because it’s a part of the energies that we live under. Ruled by Neptune, we are constantly subjected to the dual notion that there is a physical reality and there is not.

Since Neptune has gone into Pisces we have seen changes in virtual reality, and we have seen changes in drug laws. More legalization of mind opening drugs has Pisces written all over it. And the advances that we will make in virtual reality are going to be astounding. The sky’s the limit really when it comes to the changes that will emerge in the entertainment industry but also in the world of inner exploration and spiritual actualization. Meaning – we will within the next few years – have the virtual experience of a meditating monk available as an app.  There was actually a good movie from 1983, called Brainstorm that touched upon this very idea. It was Natalie Wood’s last movie. It’s worth checking out for sure.

We all have Neptune in our charts – so we all have a part of Pisces within us. That part connects our dreams with our physical reality. That part knows that there isn’t any difference between the two. It’s how all metaphysical, law of attraction, being in the now moment works – this world and the world of our dreams are one and the same – all you need to do is realize it.

Craig Martin