Neptune goes Direct: Finding the Bridge back to Reality

Planetary movement is a curious thing. From the Earth’s point of view all the planets appear to move in a backwards motion at some point in their travels around the Sun. That backward movement we refer to as retrograde motion, and while the planets are most certainly not really moving backwards, or retrograde, they do look like they are if we’re paying attention.

So, if we were to go outside and say, see Jupiter for instance one night, which you can do with just your eyes. It looks like a star, but it’s really a planet. In fact, we can see all the inner planets, up to Saturn with the unaided eye. Anyway, if you were to look at Jupiter one night and see which stars it was in front of or near, and then look at it a few days later, it may have moved backwards through those stars. If that were the case, then that would be a time when it was moving retrograde. At all other times it would be moving forward through the stars and that movement is called direct motion.

Retrograde movement of a planet is associated with a review of what that planet represents.

Direct movement of a planet is associated with a re-embarking on the journey of that planets energy.

Today we’re looking at Neptune since it will be moving direct this week, and any of the outer planets changing direction is cause for us to take note. Neptune has been retrograde since June. It’s moving direct and will stay direct until June of next year. It is in the sign of Pisces, which it is strongly connected to; meaning that Neptune and Pisces go well together – they share common themes and energy.

Neptune is the planet that governs a lot of confusing and out of reality experience. It’s the planet of transcendence and spiritual awareness. It’s very anti-structure; meaning that it is everything that the physical plane is not. So, while Saturn, which is very much about the physical, builds walls and contains us within the confines of a physical reality. Neptune washes all of that away, like the tide smoothing out and dissolving a sand castle.

In contrast though to Saturn and our perceived physical reality, Neptune is closer to reality in many ways than the reality that we think is reality. Got it? I said it was confusing.

Neptune is in connection with divine truth; the knowledge of the soul and the spirit and our connection to it. Uranus works to break down the rigid walls of Saturn. But Neptune offers a glimpse of what lies behind the veil.

What I’m talking about here is the reality behind the reality that we live in. And that reality, the one that we sense, but can’t see. The reality that we feel, but can’t touch, is the reality of Neptune. The reality that is pure energy; flowing, immersing, and connecting us all. Neptune is feeling and in Pisces it’s deep feeling. Neptune is illusion, but only because it shows us what an illusion the physical world is, not the Neptunian one!

In simple terms, we all live a life that we think is real; a structured life with a job, relationships, and all that. That life is governed by Saturn. It’s a necessary energy or we wouldn’t be grounded. That way this physical reality seems real to us. Because of Saturn we make a huge investment in the physical world.  And in some way it is real. If you twist your ankle, it gets pretty real, pretty quick.

But from the perspective of spiritual reality; the reality that lies on a different energetic plane, what’s real is love, openness, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion. What’s real is astral; not lying in the physical realm at all, but existing in the energy plane itself. That’s Neptune, and that’s why it’s so hard to understand. And more importantly it’s even harder to embrace or incorporate into our lives.

For Neptune is not say the act of being kind, but kindness itself.

When we live in love, compassion, and kindness we become Neptune.

See the face of a meditating yogi; he or she does nothing, no action, no structured movement or creation, yet, they emanate the pure essence of a higher vibration that is Neptune. It’s the experience of pure beauty, radiating from divine awareness. It’s very deep. But it is more “real” than anything that you can see, taste, or touch.

Neptune in our lives represents the feelings of love and kindness that we have – our connection to each other. Putting those feelings into action is the step beyond. But, before you can actually give a dollar to a homeless person, you have to think that you can or that you should or that it would be a good idea. Before you say that you’re sorry for hurting someone else’s feelings, you have to feel sorry. There’s a moment when we know we should apologize because we know we’re at fault, that’s Neptune. There’s a higher awareness that tells us that we need to support and care for one another, that’s Neptune. All acts of selfishness, which are much more in the wheelhouse of Saturn are washed away by Neptune. And it’s moving direct again!

Not a minute too soon, either. For we are faced with an unprecedented need for Neptune in our lives.

It’s confusing because we are constantly reminded of our own physical, structured reality. The life we have in the body with whatever amazing personality you have is the one that seems most real. And it’s so hard to deny it and even for a moment connect with the higher truth that life is so much more than that. But it is.

We work to help each other because it’s the only work worth doing.

By the time you’ve reached a place in your spiritual development that you can be listening to or reading this blog, you are way beyond the lessons of a structured life. That means that you are not just here to buy things and make sure that your body is well fed and well taken care of. You’ve probably mastered that in some previous lifetimes, and you’re working on something deeper now.

Sure, you’re still concerned with money, or love, or health, or whatever, I know I still am, but there’s something more. Something beyond all those mundane concerns. Money and love come to us – just open up to it. Go deeper. How can we attract real compassion, kindness and spiritual awareness into our lives? That’s where the meaning lies. All the searching for happiness ends when you finally see yourself feel real love for something else – or someone else. Just feel it – and know, that feeling, inside of you, is the joy of Neptune’s rule.

Neptune puts us in someone else’s shoes. That’s for sure. There’s no judgement there. None at all. They say that when we die we see all the things we did both selfish and not selfish and that we feel all those acts but not just the ones we did – the ones that rippled from what we did. And that if we hurt someone, we see that instance, and then all the people that get hurt from hurting that one person. And if we’re kind, that we see not only that act of kindness but all the acts of kindness that rippled from that. It’s Neptune – permeating through the fabric of our life, like water; soaking in; spreading out. It’s not contained – it’s unstructured. It’s has no wall – it tears them down.




Craig Martin